Wednesday, December 12, 2012

PKS Challenge 46 :: 3-D Objects :: Ornaments

My project for Peachy Keen Stamps Challenge this week was full of lessons learned!
  1. It's really hard to stamp on a round or curved glass object! Finally used the back of my hand as a stamping block. Don't laugh! It worked best of anything I tried and I tried a lot of stuff LOL.
  2. Stazon stamps onto a glass ornament better if you ink and then stamp off before stamping the ornament.
  3. Sometimes Stazon dries really quick and sometimes it doesn't.
  4. The clear glass ornaments from Walmart have a thin layer of something coating them. I assume to maybe keep them from shattering if dropped. But if you get cleaning solution on them it starts peeling off and very easily at that.
  5. To do the glitter ornament thing it is probably best to use a floor cleaner with a wax in it. The pledge future cleaner I bought was the multi purpose one (didn't realize at the time there was a difference) and well the glitter now comes out the top like a salt shaker now that it is dry LOL.
  6. The Stazon ink stayed on my stamp a lot faster than the glass :( No matter how I have cleaned my stamp or how quickly after stamping I can NOT get the Stazon off LOL. My poor stamp will never be the same :( 
  7. I do not think I like to use Stazon!
  8. I spent WAY to much time stamping and wiping off over and over on those dang ornaments (we're talking about 2 hours worth...crazy I know!)
Here is only the last stamp off sheet LOL
And now my poor badly stained stamp
And the finished product
Something so simple should not have taken me hours LOL
Peachy Keen Stamps - PKSC-11 November 2012

Stazon - Jet Black

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PKS Challenge 46:: 3-D Objects:: Ornaments
Create and or decorate an ornament using Peachy Keen Stamps
  • Design must be new
  • Design must be an ornament - either newly constructed or decorated
  • Link up by 12/12 - 11:59 pm EST
  • You don't need our stamps to play along, but only entries using Peachy Keen Stamps can earn Top Peach!
  • Sorry, any entry that does not meet the guidelines for this challenge will be automatically removed without notice.


  1. First off, your ornaments are beautiful! Secondly, don't you worry about the stamp being stained, it will still stamp just perfectly. And lastly, I just bought the "glitter it" glue by Beacon Adhesives...worked like a charm! :) Thanks so much for playing along with us at PeachyKeenStamps!


  2. Adorable ornaments!!Great job!
    Have a wonderful day,

  3. So cute! Totally worth the effort! So glad you joined us this week at Peachy Keen!!!

  4. I know these took a lot of work to make but the results are very impressive. Thanks for participating in the Peachy Keen Challenge this week.